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Forest Service Land near Fall Creek. Please check for a printable map of the exact camp location (available Tuesday evening)

About the site:
Fall Creek is located 45 minutes southeast of Eugene off of highway 58 near Lowell, Oregon. It is home to native and old growth forest, much of which was saved from the chopping block by dedicated forest defenders over the last decade. Sadly, another timber sale has been proposed under the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR).

There is a rideshare board up at Please use it if you are driving OR in search of a ride. We are encouraged folks to meet at the Growers Market parking lot in Eugene, MAP at either 6pm on Friday May 22nd or 8am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We cannot guarantee that cars will be at Growers, it is just a meet-up space. Please use the rideboard! Bikers will be meeting at 10:30 on Friday morning, check the website for more info.

Upon arrival:

Go to the Welcome Tent first. Tent volunteers will help orient you to the camp, find ways for you to plug in, accept your monetary donations, show you where to camp, give you the schedule

Morning Circle:
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for two reasons 1. Food in the am is good for you, 2. It is Morning Circle time! This is a space for announcements, updates, short games, getting to know each other and building a community of resistance. Please don’t sleep through it!

The first workshops begin at 10am on Saturday! Please try and make it out by then. The last workshop is Monday afternoon. The workshops are designed to give participants a very solid foundation to either create or build upon forest defense knowledge. There will be core workshops that everyone is strongly encouraged to join and peripheral workshops that may be of interest.

The kitchen will be staffed by Action Camp participants! You are strongly encouraged to bring donations. There will be a lite breakfast, lunch and dinner served. Unless marked, the kitchen will serve vegan food. Please bring sufficient snacks and supplementary items. You must bring your own kitchen supplies. Potable water will be available.

Not in common spaces, please. Drug/Alcohol/Cigarette-induced behavior will not be tolerated. Smoking permitted on gravel/paved surfaces only, not in the forest.

Yes! Bring them! We would love the wee-ones energy at the Action Camp. We encourage parents and interested non-parents to connect and share childcare duties during the camp.

There will be quiet and less quiet camping areas, no electricity and no cell service at the campsite.

Suggested donation, $5 per day. These funds will help us recoup Action Camp expenses all go directly to forest defense. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Wish List:
We are in search of tarps, rope, climbing equipment, long metal poles, kitchen ware (serving bowls, large pots, large wok, etc). If you would like to donate these materials to the camp/campaign please contact us asap at

Volunteering at the Action Camp:
This event will only function with the support of participants. Upon arrival and at morning circles please volunteer for cooking shifts, security team/welcome tent, and medic (if you are trained). We will also need people for post-camp clean up! Let us know if you can stay post camp!

In order to create a safe(r) and productive environment for activism and community, we will not be tolerating behavior that demeans, marginalizes, or threatens people or members of nature. Examples are offensive remarks about person’s gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, mental health, culture, level of physical ability, general appearances, income status, being a parent or a child, employed or unemployed, level of experience in activism, taunting or harming plants and animals, etc…

Camping & Accommodations:

The Action Camp will be held on forest land near Eugene. There is no running water, bathrooms, or electricity. We will construct rustic latrines and we will be providing water filtration.

Be aware that the primary on site accommodations will be camping, so make sure to come prepared for wind or rain.

Please plan to bring your own tarp, tent, and bedding. We will have a very limited amount of extra bedding and tarp space on an “on request” basis.


PLEASE feel extremely encouraged to bring food or money to donate to the kitchen.

There will a kitchen providing a lite breakfast, and dinner to anyone who wants it throughout the Action Camp.

Due to refrigeration restrictions and environmental concerns, food will be vegetarian and vegan friendly although individuals are free and encouraged to bring their own food; bringing your own cookware and stove is strongly encouraged,

Everyone should bring their own snacks for during the day. If you have special needs for food, are a picky eater, or need to eat meat regularly, we strongly encourage you to bring your food or to collaborate with other people coming from your neck of the woods about starting your own “neighborhood” kitchen.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I come for just a day or two?

Of course! We’d love it if you came for longer, but please feel free to come for a day and a night, or just a day. If you can only come for a day, we suggest Saturday.

2. Can I stay all summer?

Yes! Our goal is to build a community of resistance. We have multiple big friendly houses in Eugene and will be establishing an ongoing camp in the forest just after the Action Camp so come for the weekend and stay for the summer! There will of course be lots of fun work to do to make that happen like food gathering, organizing benefit shows, blocking logging roads and much more!

3. Can I bring my dog?

We would strongly prefer if you did not bring your dog. We LOVE doggies, but it will make things more difficult at in camp infrastructure (latrines) and allergy wise.

4. Is the event kid-friendly?


5. Is there cell phone service? Internet access?

There is internet in friendly houses in Eugene that you’re welcome to use. In the forest there is none of either.

6. What if I get there early?

No problem, we’ve got great places to stay. Drop us a line at and we’ll set you up.

7. What happens after the Action Camp?

We’ll encouraging everyone to come back to Eugene, stay in a number of co-op houses and head to the Oregon Department of Forestry rally on Wednesday May 27th. Then we’ll come together to figure out the best way to use our new skills ;-). There will be places to stay and ways to plug in all summer. The more people who stay, the more effective our movement will be!

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