There are a few crucial bills being voted on Tuesday. If we can defeat these bills now, it will make all of our lives a lot easier in the future. Think about it: one phone call today or one blockade tomorrow? Let’s conserve our energy for the fall…
-Call Rep. Terry Beyer (Springfield, say you’re from Lane County) regarding HB 3072 which would make clearcutting a priority on public lands.
-Call Rep. Paul Holvey and ask him to stop HB 3058 which endorses LNG in Oregon. Get more information at
***Legislator Directory: 1.800.332.2313***


Fall Creek is also up for cut again. Cascadia Wildlands Project is leading a hike on May 9th, visit for more information.

Elliot State Forest:
The Elliot is a special circumstance due to its status as state forest. State forests are under the control of the State Forestry Board which has very close ties to the timber industries. The Elliot will be cut this summer.

Marbled Murrelet Survey
Shannon is willing to lead survey trips to the Elliot and other threatened areas. Locating a marbled murrelet in a timber sale can potentially stop a timber sale! Visit to reach Shannon and look for survey trips on the University of Oregon Outdoor Program webpage in the next few weeks!

Oregon Wild:
They will be releasing a PUBLIC DOCUMENT which explains the pros and cons on Senator Wyden’s forest bill. This bill is insufficient and would not protect Oregon’s forests from dirty axes. Check out their website

Roseburg Forest Products and Umpqua Bank CEO Allen Ford must be stopped! Join a weekly tabling protest each Friday afternoon outside of Stumpqua on 7th and Oak. Visit

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