Who Are the Cascadia Forest Defenders?

Cascadia Forest Defenders are the last line of defense between federal agencies/timber companies and our PUBLIC FOREST LAND.

We are a direct action campaign that includes many creative tools from the activist tool box such as: Non-Violent Direct Action (Tree Sitting and more!), Education, Media Outreach, Community Outreach, Engaging Representatives, and much more.

We have camps in the forest and friendly houses in the city and we’re inviting comrades young and less young, experienced and less experienced to join us for a summer, a month or even just a few days.

To plug in, sign up on our email list and get the latest updates!


Have you ever wished you could spend a few weeks – or months – in the forest?

Have you ever passed a clear cut and wanted to make sure that forests are no longer treated like that?

Did you know that deforestation is the second largest contributor to climate change behind fossil fuels?

Would you like to do something about it?

Join us in the forest!

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