Elliott Free State Forest Occupation – Day 3 – 6/8/09

First, support the Free State:

Call These Folks!!!! Please! Public Support for the Blockade is Absolutely Necessary for its continuation! We need hundreds of calls ASAP to stop the sale and maintain the blockade.

-Secretary of State and Oregon Land Board member Kate Brown: (503) 986-1523

-Coos District Forester Jim Young (541) 267-1741

Ask them to cancel the current timber sales (Umpcoos and Fishing Cougar) in the Elliottt State Forest! This area is important native forest land; it should be set aside as a biodiversity and carbon reserve for endangered species and climate change mitigation. Tell them you support the continuation of the blockade!

Second – Join us! Directions and ride board below.

Elliott Free State Forest Occupation – Day 3
News From the Barricades

Yesterday, July 7, 2009, Law enforcement officers from the Douglas County Sheriffs Office delivered a ‘cease and desist’ order to activists currently blockading the Umpcoos Ridge 2 Timber Sale. One member of the blockade responded with, “This is really important native forest land that is our future old growth, so we’re here as long as we can protect that.” Cascadia Summer activists are concerned that these actions by police may be the first step toward forceful eviction of the protest.

The Free State stands vigilant, prepared for potential aggression from law enforcement. Our voices remain raised.

“Our message to the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and timber company is that they must permanently halt all logging in the Umpcoos and Fishing Cougar timber sales. Large private forests owned by big businessess are exempted from timber harvest taxes so that when it comes time to fund schools, the public has to foot the bill by liquidating Elliot State Forest. I feel like folks are getting tired of this ‘Good for Wall Street and bad for Main Street’ phrase, but it is still extremely relevant. ODF, change your business practices.” said Joshua Partridge of Cascadia Rising Tide (CRT).

Do you know what we’re loosing?

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