Early Saturday morning a group of activists with Cascadia Rising Tide set up a platform 40 feet off the ground in a tree on the corner of Oak St and Park St. In that same tree, a banner was hung that read “Forest Service: Give Back Trapper. Protect Our Water.” The platform was occupied by Grace Warner to inform Eugene of the horrendous logging practices advocated by the Forest Service, as well as threats to the drinking water supply that the Trapper timber sale poses.

Law enforcement kept a comfortable distance, not showing their presence at the demonstration. The group gained support from Saturday Market staff and vendors alike. Check out media coverage on the channel 9 evening news here (starting at 5:50 into the video). Warner stayed in the tree until the end of market and left on her own accord.

Background Info on Trapper:

Trapper is a beloved timber sale of 149 acres of native forest that is located in the Willamette National Forest.  It sits upstream of the McKenzie watershed, the source of Eugene’s water.  Trapper contains a great deal of old growth douglas fir, western red cedar and hemlock.  It is home to over 30 red tree vole nests, and contains spotted owl habitat.  This beautiful forest is up on the chopping block, having been sold to logging giant Seneca Jones, and could be cut any day.

The fight to save Trapper has been fought by many different people and organizations throughout the last decade.  Currently, Cascadia Forest Defenders have chosen Trapper as a primary focus and hope to see this sale get cancelled.  The U.S. Forest Service has the authority to cancel timber sales on National Forest land if there is ample evidence of endangered species within the affected area.  Forest Service has noted a pair of spotted owls flying through the sale in the past month, and has determined that the sale is spotted owl habitat.  

Seneca Jones’ contract with the Forest Service should have ran out this year according to the original sale.  But our congressmen, including Peter Defazio supported a measure to extend contracts to logging companies, giving Seneca until 2013 to cut the trees.  Defazio also supported cutting the price of timber sales in half, a measure which refunded 500,000 dollars to Seneca Jones for Trapper.  CFD does not support these quiet subsidies of big timber, which reek of corporate-government corruption.  Our message to Defazio:  Protect Oregon’s Native Forest! Pressure the Forest Service to Cancel Trapper!  

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