Rally coming!,Wow Hall Trees!, Elliot Hike!, Oh My!!!

Update for May 2011

As you know, Seneca-Jones, Eugene’s own clear-cutting, water-wrecking, air-abusing, timber barons, have built a giant “Biomass” burning energy generation plant (cogeneration or cogen plant) at their highway 99 facility.

Cascadia Forest Defenders wants to help make Eugene aware that Biomass is a False Solution to climate change, built around a well funded greenwashing campaign. Its dirty energy, dont buy into it!
In addition to being generally terrible, Seneca-Jones’ Cogen fascility will be burning up slash, forest floor and maybe even whole trees coming directly out of wild native forests and old growth ecosystems that CFD is currently trying to stop from being logged at all, such as Trapper (www.savetrapper.com), and maybe even out of the Elliot State Forest where Seneca-Jones trucks have recently been spotted.
We say NO WAY!
CFD and our Allies recently discovered that Seneca-Jones is having a “grand opening” party and all sorts of public officials and media are planning on being there, They wanted to keep this nice little photo-op a secret, but we have plans to attend!
so, Please join us on May 5th 2011, at 9:30am to protest this event. The Seneca-Jones facility is located on hwy 99 a few miles north of beltline, there is very little available parking or sidewalks, so please be prepared to deal with that. We are asking you to bring signs, art, street theatre, and whatever other crafty, beautiful, or revolutionary things you can think of to draw attention to this issue and make a scene at this event. Also, please be prepared for the protest to have to move, as this large facility has many entrances that may be used.
A carpool and caravan will be meeting in the parking lot of Putters Pizza located on hwy 99 just past Royal avenue around 9 am, and leaving that parking lot by 9:30am. You can find this event on FaceBook and http://www.forestdefensenow.com.
See you then!
In other Important Eugene News:

Just in time for Earth Day, we got word yesterday that the big trees
next to the WOW Hall were on death row.


The Urban Forester for the City of Eugene has decreed that two of
the giant trees next to the WOW Hall along Lincoln Street must be cut
down to the ground.

These big leaf maples were planted in the early 20th century as part
of a historic community tree-planting. After shading Eugene for
nearly 100 years and the WOW Hall since it was built, the Forester has
determined that the trees are hazardous and must be destroyed (the WOW
Hall will be receiving an independent professional analysis during
the next week).

The trees have been given three weeks to live. Final approval to
remove the trees needs to come from the City Council on May 16.

Anyone with an idea on how to save the trees should contact the WOW
Hall office NOW! 541-687-2746

We also recently became aware that a Cottage Grove based organization called Forest Web is leading a guided day Hike into the Elliot State Forest on May 21st.
To attend this event, meet at the parking lot of the cottage grove wal-mart at 9am on may 21st, expect to be gone most the day, dress for weather and prepare for a sad mix of stunning beauty and total devastation. We will be there, and we hope to see you!

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