Cascadia Forest Defenders Protest Seneca Jones dirty deeds.

Cascadia Forest Defenders and other local groups came out in strong opposition to greenwashing and forest destruction today at the grand opening party for the new biomass burning facility at Seneca Jones in Eugene.

3 people were arrested at the event, 1 who had locked his body to a car in order to block the entrance being used, and 2 other banner holders for . . . well, we arent really sure, the Sherrifs may just like the number 3.
Media, elected officials and other invited attendants attempting to go the party got to sit in stopped traffic and surely found a little extra time to read signs, and banners, and hear wonderful singing and speeches from the protesters.
This protest occured for multiple reasons
-Seneca-Jones logs old growth and native forests, often with clearcuts, often on public lands. And they will now be burning much of these forests.
-biomass burning is a dirty way to produce energy, just as dirty as coal or petrolium products. It is a false solution to climate change, don’t buy the industry science.
-This facility is located in a part of town where toxins in the air and water are already heavily concentrated, and those toxins are being dumped on an underrepresented low income “minority” community. This is Seneca Jones, Lane County, and the EPA demonstrating Environmental racism.

2 thoughts on “Cascadia Forest Defenders Protest Seneca Jones dirty deeds.

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