NEST Video & Online Fundraiser & Call for Volunteers!

In 1999, NEST sprouted out of the CFD Fall Creek Campaign. Since then, NEST has conducted volunteer rare animal surveys in order to stop logging in Pacific Northwest Ancient Forests. During the last 12 years, NEST volunteers have helped save thousands of acres of endangered forest from being logged.

This summer, surveys & climbing begin in mid-July! NEST seeks volunteers for ground support, tree-climb surveys, town support, and more!

Please email, for more info or to get involved.

Also, In order to raise money for our 2011 campaign, NEST is conducting an online fundraiser! NEST is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. However, a summer long camp costs money to maintain. There are mouths to be fed, climbing equipment and camping gear needed, data-taking instruments to acquire, expensive transportation costs, office work expenses, and more!

For this, NEST asks supporters who might not be able to come out into the forests to contribute financially. You can do this directly through the paypal donation button on the NEST website (receipts for tax purposes available upon request). Or, NEST has also set up an account at Indieagogo. For this, the summer funding goal is $2000!

All donations are tax deductible! NEST issues receipts upon request.

Please spread the word and help NEST meet its fundraising goal for the summer, by clicking on the following link!:

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