Treesits Down But Fight for the Elliott Continues

As of Thursday afternoon, the three who remained at the blockades in the trees have been forced out of the trees and arrested. They are all currently out and safe. Media reports that they ‘came down willingly’ don’t give the details of platforms, gear, food, and water being removed by platform boom, a tree being delimbed with activists in the tree, requests to stop running loud equipment so that an activist could safely move around in a tree being ignored, and threats of cutting activists descent line. Expect a more thorough report from the last hours of the (First) Battle of the Millicoma soon.

Meanwhile, forest defense in the Elliott State Forest and around the state won’t stop. This is only the beginning of our campaign to get the governor to reject the 2011 Elliott State Forest Forest Management Plan and to change logging practices in the state of Oregon in ways that protect the water, air, forests, forest-dwelling creatures and humans, and future economic viability of the state of Oregon.

Thank you so much to all who have stood with us since the action camp. We are glad to be fine rogue bulldozers and extractions aside. Unfortunately, law enforcement made it very clear that the trees we occupied at Elkhorn Ranch were maliciously cut Friday morning and the news has reported that entire sale is under the threat of the as within two weeks.

Are you with us? If so, we’d love to hear from you at Subscribe to our list to hear updates on events and ways to plug in or, if you can, donate! We need gear, food, and gas money to continue to put ourselves on the line to fight for the forests. Checks can be sent to Cascadia Earth First, P.O. Box 96, Eugene OR 97440.

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