Valentine’s Day Ruckus

Our Valentine’s date with Gov. Kitzhaber and the State Land Board was a blast! We gave him cake, presented him with Valentines with 70 of our friends. Despite our loving gestures, Kitzhaber still decided to privatize almost 1,000 acres of public land. So we publicly dumped him with a Mic Check. Members of Cascadia Earth First! sang to the Governor ‘Killing the forest with his lies’ to the tune of Lauryn Hill’s ‘Killing me softly’.

During the public comment period, activists gave the Governor a piece of their minds. Activists concerns ranged from the spraying of herbicides to log exports. Everyone agrees; the State Land Board is butchering the state forests of Oregon. As long as the State Land Board sells whats left of the forest for scrap, we will prevent him every step of the way; whether in Salem at his house or in the woods in front of the log trucks.

For more images of the ruckus check our facebook.

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