Occupy the Trees

Occupy Eugene and Cascadia Forest Defenders, in Solidarity with Occupy Wallstreet, call for activists around the world to protest the destruction of our Earth. For the week of April 22nd, 2012 —which we rename Earth Defense Week: Occupy the trees.

We face the prospect of irreversible climate change and the destruction of our homes and wild places. Overwhelmingly, the one percent profits at the expense of ecosystems and communities. Economic progress can only go so far when our right to clean air and water is violated; there are no jobs on a dead planet.

So…take to the trees. Set up week-long tree sits that call attention to the destruction committed by the 1% on our rivers, oceans, fields, and forests. Find trees in front of corporations that clear-cut and pollute the earth, trees in front of banks that support those corporations, and trees in front of government offices that ignore or enable the destruction. Find trees that will soon be lost in the process of logging or mining. Focus on the offenders who most threaten your home, in particular those who desecrate public lands for corporate profit, and chose trees accordingly. Climb them!

We ask that those sitting for Occupy the Trees learn safety protocol for properly ascending and descending. Please contact us (forestdefensenow@gmail.com) if your affinity group needs more information about the tactic of tree sitting. There may be a climb trainer near you.

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