September Events: Court Solidarity and End of Civilization Benefit Party

CFD has two events in September in support of those arrested in Salem during the post – Rendezvous action.


Earlier this summer Earth First!ers descended on the capitol of Oregon to demand an end to clearcutting on state forests. During the approximately 7 hour occupation of the capitol, 6 people were arrested. Many of them initially received trumped up charges including felonies. They have a court date coming up on the Sept. 7th and we would love to have strong show of support from across the state. Join us at their court appearance and show the courts and activists that we stand by them.

We will be meeting at the park on 17th and Charnelton. We will be leaving at noon but please try

to be there by 11:30. There is all day parking if you have vehicles. Contact if you plan on coming so we can coordinate rides to drivers
A car pool will meet up at the Hollywood Trader Joe’s. Please bring some gas money to chip in to drivers. If you want to offer to drive let us know how many seats are available and when you need to be back by. Also dress as nice as you can.

We are heading to the Marion County Courthouse Annex at 4000 Aumsville Highway Salem, Oregon if you would like to meet us there.

Summer may be nearing its end – but so is civilization and it will not fall without a benefit for the Cascadia Forest Defenders!

There will be! –

MUSIC – Alder Street All Stars, Mustafa, Guerilla Deville

BBQ – Vegetables, Venison and other various variety
DATE AUCTION – because nothing sells as well as a forest defender
PUDDING WRESTLING – haven’t you always wanted to toss your best friend, coworker, former lover into a pool full of pudding? This is your chance! Fulfill your wildest socially acceptable fantasies with everyone you know cheering you on!

Doors open at 7PM with wrestling and music from 9PM til you stumble home in the morning. There will also be beer. Price is ten bucks at the door but we most likely will not turn you away.


Proceeds from benefit will go to the legal defense fund of arrestees. For more information about what these folks were doing and why, scroll down the page and read up! If folks have any questions, concerns or wanna help, get in touch at

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