NEPA workshop

Learn about the battle for our public lands and how you can help. The National Environmental Policy Act allows you to take part in the environmental decisions made by federal agencies.

Presentations by Marianne Dugan (environmental attorney), Sarah Peters (Wildlands CPR), Cyndi Tuell (Center for Biological Diversity). There will be a NEPA exercise, and Q&A at the end. Open to the public. FREE.

This workshop will teach where you can find information about upcoming timber sales, how timber sales work and where there is leverage for citizens, lawyers and activists to change the government or big timbers plans. This IS A MUST for anyone who is concerned about how forests are ‘managed’.

The National Environmental Policy Act, with the Endangered Species Act and Clean Water act, is the most powerful legal protection on public lands in the United States. The Act was signed into law in 1969, through agitation regarding the Santa Barbara Oil Spill and Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring.

The NEPA process is how the act is implemented, requiring environmental assessment of any infrastructure project on the federally owned land. Groups are allowed to submit findings that will be included or are able to protest the ruling of the environmental assessment it overlooks key details. For those of you familiar with Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team, they utilize this process to submit information about the Red Tree Vole which is factored into the environmental assessment (for more info about NEST click here).

We will be doing a follow up to this workshop a few weeks later, with member of Oregon Wild and Cascadia Wildlands. Stay tuned for more updates and hope to see you there.

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