HB 2595 and 2596 Passes Oregon House

House Bills 2595 and 2596 passed through the Oregon State House. House Bill 2595 will make it a class C felony to obstruct logging operations on state forest lands with non-violent direct action.  House Bill 2596 will streamline the ability of corporations to file suit against activists for restitution and massive fines.

We will be fighting these bills very proactively on behalf of our continued work and ability to do direct action as well as on behalf of all groups and citizens ability to express dissent to the practices of government and big business.

These bills have passed the House with wide margins, which means that the bill still needs to pass a Senate vote. The bill must first go through the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the chair of that committee is Senator Floyd Prozanski (D). Prozanski represents District 4, which includes Eugene, OR where Cascadia Forest Defenders is based. He has the ability to get this bill dropped before it can get voted on by the full Senate.

We are asking that our supporters contact Prozanski on our behalf. Tell him that protecting the wild shouldn’t be a felony and that we are tired of citizens rights being ceded to corporate power.

Floyd Prozanski can be contacted at:
Capitol Office: (503) 986-1704
Email: sen.floydprozanski@state.or.us

We will be fighting this bill and will have other specific asks of our supporters soon. Please be regularly checking our website for updates, friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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