Norm Johnson and Law Enforcement Visit the Tree-sit

photo by Darlingtonia Cascadia
Tree sitters have expanded the sit, and more is yet to come.
“It’s certainly a significant issue on whether or not we should log this stand.” 
                    – Norm Johnson, forest ecologist
On Thursday Norm Johnson, a forest ecologist, paid a visit to the tree sit. He has played a vital role in drafting the Northwest Forest Plan and the experimental project known as variable retention harvest (VRH). Cascadia Forest Defenders were on hand to challenge him on the flawed science behind the proposed clear cuts veiled as VRH. The conversation was lively, but we maintained our civility…for now. 

As reported before, the tree sit was discovered by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) surveyors on Thursday, June 13. Since then, BLM Rangers have known the location of the sit within the White Castle timber sale just outside of Myrtle Creek, Ore. Law enforcement officers from both the BLM and Douglas County sheriff’s office have consistently visited the site every day. There have been no arrests and no reported closures on the timber sale unit. Over the past few days three platforms have been suspended over 125 feet in the air among old growth Douglas-fir trees. Sitters and ground support have made it clear they intend to stay on site and expand their presence.

This tree sit is part of an ongoing campaign against the Oregon and California (O & C) Revested Grantlands that are currently being sought after by the timber industry in the name of science and economic growth. The O&C Lands consist of 2.6 million acres of federally owned and managed forest lands and are currently under siege by a number of proposals put forward by local bureaucrats.  Under the current proposals, these forest lands are at risk of being clear cut under the new practice of variable retention harvest. The new proposals still spell out the same demise for our protected lands: logging of native forests on public lands.

Cascadia Forest Defenders will not stand idly by.

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