Join us for owl surveys at White Castle

Join Cascadia Forest Defenders and owl surveyor Nancy Duncan this Saturday, August 10th for a owl surveying how-to! Arriving at the White Castle Timber Sale at 8pm we will be learning how to hoot, call and identify different types of owls until 11PM. We will use this knowledge to see what sort of owl activity there is in the timber sale and report the findings. This is a rare opportunity to learn from professionals a skill that can be utilized anywhere there are owls and timber sales to be thwarted.


We will be meeting at the parking lot across from the Dairy Queen in Myrtle Creek and carpooling out to the timber sale. Rendevzous is at 7PM. The following morning we will be doing a followup on the prior nights surveys, so come prepared to camp out or be ready to get back to Myrtle Creek around midnight. There is overnight parking.

Since June of this year, we have been tree sitting in the White Castle timber sale to prevent logging of a beautiful ecosystem in the name of bad science. People are allowed to be in the timber sale (for the time being) so there should be no problems with harassment from law enforcement.

*It is fire season so if you are intending to take your vehicle out to survey, please bring fire tools! Shovel, fire extinguisher and water.

*If you are intending to stay overnight please bring whatever food and water you will require, we have some resources to happily share but owing to scarcity and the effort it takes to maintain a well-fed woods occupation, we ask people to provide for themselves.

*In addition to whatever sustenance you require, please bring rain gear, close toed shoes and a headlamp if you have it. We will be surveying in to the night.

We hope to see you there! Contact us at if you have any questions, comments or are looking to get involved in the occupation.

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