URGENT SUPPORT NEEDED: 16 Arrested Last Night Resisting Megaloads

This is the sort of news we never want to post.

Last night, two separate blockades were deployed trying to stop shipments of tar sand equipments from leaving Oregon. These ‘megaloads’ are crucial infrastructure for the Athabasca Tar Sands, the most environmentally destructive industrial project on earth.

Both of the blockades were dismantled by law enforcement. The second blockade was composed of 11 Cascadia Forest Defenders, all of whom were arrested. Two people were locked down to a barrel and were removed from their lockdowns by pain compliance – they were tortured.

Today at noon all of the activists are being arraigned and their bail will be set.

At this point right now, we are desperately fundraising so we can bail out our people as soon as possible.

PLEASE DONATE TO PORTLAND RISING TIDE’S LEGAL FUND, which will go directly to getting our people out of jail.


Thank you for support, we will keep updates coming.

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