Cascadia Calling

Comrades, Allies, Friends!

Winter is here and no one has any idea what is going to happen. This is the driest year on record in Oregon – the land of long grey dark, the wandering fog, gentle chill rain, the red cedar is thirsting. We are not waiting for the rain, we see the clouds of the coming storm …

A thank you to all who have come so far but there is need once more: We are calling out for more blockaders, tree sitters, dreamers, the malcontent, all folks of a diversity of skill sets and abilities to come join us.

On Dec. 24th the BLM finally began their closure on the timber sale, meaning that the area is legally closed to all but loggers for the duration of logging. This closure has been delayed many times, through bureaucracy, snow and appeal: We have now until roughly early February to prepare for confrontation. We have been blockading here for 8 months and we want to be holding hands with YOU when we first hear the machines in the distance.

Farther north, over the mountains to the east, comrades have been fending off megaloads carrying heavy equipment up to the tar sands. The first of three megaloads has passed through Oregon’s gauntlet but the second has just begun its route, while the third megaload lies, waiting,
for us, in port. There have been many delays, many arrests but every moment that those loads are stopped are moments where we are fighting back, giving what we have to support communities who’s homes andtraditional lands are being destroyed by extractive industry in the death march of this sick society.

Back down south, to the west lies the Elliott. The cutting in Salander Between began over a month ago. This was the first forest cut in the Elliott since the end of 2011. Sadly, this forest slipped past us but we do not intend to let it happen again. Recently another timber sale was proposed. We fight against extractive industry and the destruction of this bioregions remaining wild places. The Elliott is the oldest public forest currently being butchered by the state of Oregon and we intend to insure that it get only older and wilder, despite the state’s intentions.

For all of this and more, we are inviting beating hearts to Cascadia.

We recommend that you bring both your arctic bibs and booty shorts, harnesses and bandanas. We encourage folks to imagine a longer stay: with our friends EF! Humboldt, we will be hosting the 2014 Summer Rendezvous and there is plenty to do to in preparation. From setting up the site to building relationships with allies, creating autonomous spaces in civ or out scouting the woods, we would just love to see you!

From occupied Kalapuya land, for a free Cascadia!


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