State Land Board Sets Auction Date for Elliott Parcels

The following is from the Department of State Lands website:

“At the December 10, 2013 State Land Board meeting, the Land Board unanimously voted to sell the five land parcels at the Elliott State Forest.  A sealed bid auction is scheduled to end on March 28, 2014 that will be conducted by Realty Marketing Northwest.  The Benson Ridge tract, East Hakki Ridge and Adams Ridge Tract 1 will be sold in the March 28 auction. The Adams Ridge Tracts 2 & 3 will be sold in the fall, following a lot line adjustment.  For more information on the auction, please contact Realty Marketing Northwest at or call (800) 845-3524.”
What the above means is that the State Land Board has progressed from saying that they intend to privatize parts of the Elliott to actually auctioning (on March 28th) off these parcels. 
During the Dec. 10th State Land Board decision to sell off these parcels, Gov. Kitzhaber reiterated continuously that these were not land sales and that he had no ‘intention to privatize the Elliott’. He stated that everything being proposed was simply a way to gauge the market value of these lands and not to privatize. We are confused because it appears that the Land Board is taking proactive steps to sell the forest.
The Adams Ridge Tract that the SLB is intending to sell on the March. 28th has already been appraised by Northwest Forestry Services. Not including the changes to the timber plan because of the presence of the Marbled Murrelet, the timber in 310 acre tract was appraised at a value of $4,124,000 dollars. If you were to take into account the presence of Murrelet, which is required by the Endangered Species Act, the value of the tract decreases to $495,000. Selling off this forest undercuts the common school fund, harms habitat of endangered species and is just one more example of Kitzhaber’s administration making concessions that aid big timber while not solving the long term budget issues of Oregon economy.

CFD has stated our opposition to the idea of selling land of the Elliottt since this plan was initially proposed. We are not fooled by Kitzhaber throwing around the word conservation when his actions consistently show that he is on the side of extractive industry. We will continue to do what we can to keep what remains of the Elliott as intact of an ecosystem as possible.

For the wild,

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