In the Midst of Victory, Chainsaws are Running Again in the Elliott

Looking out over the clearcut from the yarding platform

While celebrating the victory of the 28 timber sales dropped in state forests in the Coast Range, we also want to acknowledge that the fight for the Elliott is far from over.

Cascadia Forest Defenders have been visiting the most recent clearcut in the Elliott, Salander Between.  40 acres and very close to Loon Lake and the lake cabins on its edge, this sale is beautiful and contains pockets of native forest and old growth.  This is especially significant, because this is the first sale to be cut in the Elliott since Spring 2012.

While most of the 2012 and 2013 old growth sales in the Elliott were suspended and finally cancelled by the lawsuit brought by Cascadia Wildlands and other conservation groups, Salander Between was somehow allowed to squeak through and be sold.  It was bought by Roseburg Forest Products and cut this winter.  They are currently yarding the two units they cut in January.

CFD toasts to the sales that were saved through years of hard work from many different people and organizations. As the lawsuit is freshly over, we are not sure yet what the new management of the Elliott will look like. We hope for improved management practices and better protections for the marbled murrelet.  But we also acknowledge that better protections for endangered birds isn’t enough. We know this forest is about more than just one bird, and this fight is about more than just endangered species’. We will continue to push for the end of horrific clearcutting of native forest, the end of outdated economic policies that pit schools and forests against each other, and the safety and sanctity of the threatened ecosystems of the Elliott State Forest.

There is still much work to be done.

Salander Between

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