CFD’s Guide to PIELC

Cascadia Forest Defender’s Guide to PIELC
How activists can get the most out of a conference organized by lawyers
Direct Action: Meeting the Multiple Threats to Our Public Lands (Organizer: Mary Grace Brogdon) (EMU Walnut)
For 20 years, Cascadia Forest Defenders have faced the threats to our natural forest ecosystems head on. From the Warner Creek Blockade to the White Castle Tree Sit, CFD has held the line against big timber and their government lap dogs. CFD has put together a multi-media presentation and panel telling the story of our threatened public forests includ- ing the O&C Lands and the Elliott State Forest, how our public officials swayed by archaic legislation and economic forces came to be tools of industry, how bad science has been used to generate and justify worse forest policy, and what we, the citizens of Cascadia and this Green Living Earth can do about it. Come get activated by your favorite activists! Show up now, while supplies last!
Panelists: Erin Grady, Organizer, Cascadia Forest Defenders; Shannon Wilson, Activist, Organizer, EcoAdvocates; Mary Grace Brogdon, Organizer, Cascadia Forest Defenders; Maria Farinacci, Activist, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

Coal/Oil/Gas : None Shall Pass (Organizer: Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky) (Many Nations Longhouse)
The Northwest is facing down the fossil fuel industry. From Coos Bay to Canada proposals for fossil fuel export terminals could shape the future of the region and the global climate crisis. This multimedia panel will provide details about the latest
project proposals for coal oil and liquified natural gas exports and highlight local, regional and national efforts to stop them.
Panelists: David Osborn, Member, Portland Rising Tide; Trip Jennings, Director, Balance Media; Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky, Community Organizer, Colombia Riverkeeper
New Science on Fire, Water, and Forests (Organizer: Douglas Bevington) (EMU Boardroom)
While logging projects are often portrayed as addressing forest fires, the latest scientific research is finding that many of the assumptions about fire used to justify those projects are erroneous. At the same time, there is growing research on the harm that these logging projects cause to aquatic ecosystems. This panel of scientists will discuss notable new research from the past year and explore how it offers useful resources for
forest protection advocates.
Panelists: Dr. Dominick DellaSala, Geos Institute; Dr. Chris Frissell, Independent Scientific Consultant; Dr. Jon Rhodes, Planeto Azul Hydrology; George Wuerthner, Foundation for Deep Ecology.
Predators, Connectivity, and Ecosystem Resilience in the Spine of the Continent (Organizer: Greg Costello)
(EMU Boardroom)
Conservation biologists agree that there are three critical components to maintaining resilient and adaptable ecosystems for all species: core habitat areas, connectivity between them such that species can migrate and adapt to changing climatic conditions, and the presence of apex predators. This panel will describe how conservationists are using grassroots advocacy, law and policy, and science to maintain and restore these
critical components in a tri-national effort along the Spine of the Continent from Mexico to the Yukon.
Panelists: Greg Costello, Executive Director, Wildlands Network; Cristina Eisenberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Oregon State University; Susan Jane Brown, Staff Attorney, Western Environmental Law
What Every Environmentalist Should Know About Capitalism: How it will Impact Your Case or Campaign
(Student Organizer: Cooper Brinson) (LAW 175)
Panelists will provide a comprehensive explanation of the linkages between the basic functioning of capitalism and its environmental consequences. They will approach this
question in two parts: first, a brief historical and theoretical investigation of the capitalism-environment relationship; and, second, an illustration of how we might begin to challenge the logic of the system, through a discussion of recent efforts spearheaded by labor unions to build broader coalitions by reconceptualizing movement goals and tactics.
Panelists: Lauren Regan, Executive Director, Civil Liberties Defense Center; Jamil Jonna; Richard Monje.
Legal and Policy Questions Surrounding the Oregon and California Railroad Lands (Organizer: Nick Cady) (LAW 241)
This panel will explore the Oregon and California Act of 2013, proposed legislation that will open up over a million acres of BLM managed land in Oregon to clearcutting. The panel will dissect the proposed legislation, explore the surrounding legal, economic, and policy issues, and discuss alternative solutions.
Panelists: Susan Jane Brown, Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center; Chandra LeGue, Oregon Wild; Ernie Niemi; Francis Eatherington, Cascadia Wildlands
Evening Keynote: 5-7pm (Law 175)
Mary J Pavel:
Mary J. Pavel was appointed as Staff Director and Chief Council of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs for the 113th Congress by Senator Maria Cantwell, the committee’s first ever Chairwoman, on January 14, 2013. Pavel, a member of the Skokomish Tribe of the state of Washington, is an expert on Tribal law and policy.
OUTLAW BASH!  Is the place to party tonight.  Enuf said.
What’s the Story? Getting Your Environmental Story in the Media (Organizer: Camilla Mortensen) (LAW 141)
Media, good or bad, can affect the outcome of environmental campaigns. This panel of seasoned journalists will discuss what makes a story, and how to get the media’s attention
from a local paper to national publications. Media strategy from the perspective of those who write and edit the story: press releases, making contacts, social media, and more.
Panelists: Camilla Mortensen, Associate Editor, Eugene Weekly; Elizabeth Grossman, Author and freelance journalist, The Washington Post, The Nation, Salon; Valerie Brown, freelance journalist, Scientific American, High Country News; Jane Braxton Little, Contributing Editor, Audubon, and Writer, The Daily Climate, Bulletin
West Coast Direct Action(Organizers: Ben Jones and Cordelia Finley) (LAW 141)
This panel will highlight groups on the west coast that take direct action against the destruction of the earth. We will talk about current campaigns, upcoming events, and what organizing in our communities looks like. We hope to engage with participants about what the future of direct action may look like and how we can grow the movement. We will also specifically address why being radically inclusive to marginalized groups and people is the only way forward for the radical environmental movement.
Panelists: Ben Jones, Cascadia Forest Defenders; Clementine, EarthFirst! Humboldt; Danielle Hauser, Trans and Womyn’s Action Camp; Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky, Portland Rising Tide
We the People v. Corporate Personhood (Organizer: Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap) (LAW 142)
Move to Amend is calling for an amendment to the US Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to
constitutional rights. Come learn about the movement to end corporate rule, build vibrant and accountable democracy, and achieve social, economic, and environmental justice.
Panelists: Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, National Director, Move to Amend; Richard Monje, Vice President, Workers United/SEIU, National Leadership Team, Move to Amend
12:15-2:15- KEYNOTE
Lauren Regan – Superstar.  Don’t miss this.  It’s more important than even Outlaw Bash.
The Last Wild Buffalo(Organizer: Mike Mease) (Many Nations Longhouse)
This panel will explain the plight of the last wild Buffalo through music, storytelling, and video.
Panelists: Mike Mease, Co-Founder, Buffalo Field Campaign; Good Sheild
Broken Promises, Broken Ecosystem: Old-growth Logging in America’s Largest National Forest(Organizer: Rebecca Noblin) (EMU Ben Linder)
Just as it announces its intent to transition out of old growth logging in Alaska’s Tongass, the USFS has proposed a massive timber sale in vital habitat for imperiled Alexander Archipelago wolves. Meanwhile, FWS delays ESA protections for the wolves, and the State of Alaska actively suppresses its scientists while simultaneously fighting in court to keep the Roadless Rule out of Alaska. This panel will explore the lurid and seedy underworld of old growth logging in America’s largest national forest.
Panelists: Tom Waldo, Senior Staff Attorney, Earthjustice; Larry Edwards, Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace; Gabe Scott, Alaska Field Director, Cascadia Wildlands; Rebecca Noblin, Alaska Director, Center for Biological Diversity; Chris Winter, Crag Law Center
Trans and Womyn’s Action Camp (TWAC) as a Direct Action Organizing Model (Organizer: Kim Marks) (LAW 142)
This panel discusses the history of Trans and Women’s Action Camps (TWAC) as a model of direct action organizing. The Trans and Women’s Action Camp grew out of Earth First! as a response to patriarchy and transphobia within the environmental movement. Since then, TWAC has spread around the country with new action camps and direct action protests on issues as varied as tar sands extraction and corporate owned prisons. This panel will also discuss the importance of an analysis of power and privilege, environmental justice, and organizing inclusive of queer and transgender
Panelists: Kim Marks, Board Member, Civil Liberties Defense Center; Ariel Howland, Trans and Women’s Action Camp (TWAC); Karen Coulter
Citizen Science and Forest Management (Organizer: Max Beeken) (EMU Walnut)
The three organizations presenting at this panel are implementing ecological surveying techniques on public lands to affect land use practices. Whether it’s climbing high into the canopy in search of the red tree vole, watching for marbled murrelets at dawn in the coast range, or covering miles of high desert pine forest with a clipboard and pencil, these
groups further conservation efforts on public land through citizen science. Each group will provide an overview of their project and a summary of their 2013 field seasons in the forests of Cascadia.
Panelists: Max Beeken, Co-Director, Coast Range Forest Watch; Fox, Founder of the Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team, Lead Surveyor; Karen Coulter, Director, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
Civil Disobedience Workshop (Student Organizers: Cooper Brinson and Gordon Levitt) (LAW 175)
This workshop will focus on the role of civil disobedience in struggles for environmental and social justice. From the collective insight of Hansen, Regan, and Kruse, attendees will hear about current campaigns involving civil disobedience, what activists can expect when engaging in civil disobedience, what attorney’s can expect when representing clients who engage in civil disobedience, and current trends in the prosecution of activists engaged in civil disobedience.
Panelists: Dr. James Hansen, Former Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Columbia University, Earth Institute; Lauren Regan, Executive Director, Civil Liberties Defense Center; Cathy Sampson-Kruse, Activist, Walla Walla Tribe of the Confeder
Campaign to Stop LNG Exports in Oregon Workshop (Organizer: Francis Eatherington) (LAW 184)
Two terminals have been proposed for the Oregon coast to export Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). This workshop will review their legal hurdles, including Oregon’s state permit
ting process through agencies like the Dept. of Environmental Quality; and the Federal approval process through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The panel will also cover the state-wide grassroots strategy on the campaign to stop LNG exports as well as provide the political background on this complicated issue. Environmental and social impacts will be discussed, including increased fracking, global warming and the use of Eminent Domain.
Panelists: Susan Jane Brown, Staff Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center; Robyn Janssen, Rogue Riverkeeper; Courtney Johnson, Staff Attorney, Crag Law Center; Dan Serres, Conservation Director, Columbia Riverkeeper; Bob Barker, Impacted Land Owner.
At Sprout in Springfield, 7pm
Megaload Resistance: Rapid Responses to Fossil Fuel Infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest (Organizer: Maralena Murphy) (LAW 175)
Due to successful resistance by the Nez Perce and allies in Idaho and Montana, the oil industry re-routed megaloads bound for the Alberta Tar Sands through Eastern Oregon in November 2013. The Confederated Tribes of Umatilla and allies have rapidly responded with multiple blockades of the megaloads and actions targeting relevant power holders in Portland. We will discuss the campaign, best practices for organizing in rapid response situations, and looming fossil fuel infrastructure development plans in the Pacific Northwest.Panelists: Cathy Sampson-Kruse, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla; Carl Sampson, Chief Yellowbird of the Walla Walla Tribe; Maralena Murphy, David Osbourne, and Scott Schroder, Portland Rising Tide; Gambit, Cascadia Earth First!
12:15-1:30 KEYNOTE
Dr. Jill Stein – Presidential Candidate, Green Party – How many presidential candidates do you know that have been arrested for Tar Sands Blockade?
Heather Milton-Lightning – Co-director for the Indigenous Tar Sands campaign and founding member of the Native Youth Movement

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