Timber Sale Auction Action

Thursday, 12/17

Come to the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) office (3106 Pierce Parkway in Springfield at 9:30 am) Thursday (TOMORROW! 12/17) morning, to mourn in solidarity with your fellow Cascadians for the proposed destruction of some of our last ancient forests. Let these agencies and your community know you want healthy forests producing clean air and water, not clearcuts.

In a region that claims to no longer cut down ancient forests, the BLM will be auctioning off two sales tomorrow that will do just that. “John’s Last Chance” is set in the Hardesty Roadless Area (40 miles SE of Eugene) and includes clearcutting many trees over 110 years old. The “Steam Donkey Echo” sale near Veneta involves thinning in ancient forests, right next to an active spotted owl nest with a tiny buffer. These two sales will join the current inventory of ancient forests already sold, including two sales in the McKenzie Watershed, Goose and Trapper, still under threat despite litigation.

 Wear proper mourning attire along with rain gear. This will be a peaceful gathering.

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