The US Trade Representative is soliciting comments on the Trans Pacific Partnership by 1/13/16.

Please use the link below to make your comments. The TPP is a multi-national Corporate wish list that will erode our sovereignty as we are seeing them do as we get sued by Canada and Mexico because we passed legislation for labeling beef with the country of origin, so if I want to support our ranchers, I won’t know if the beef I buy is from Venezuela or the USA. Our workers will have to compete with workers in Vietnam or Malaysia or… Any foreign company can sue us for any legislation that may impact their potential profit if it benefits local businesses or workers. This bill is so bad, please, make your comments. We only have 3 day left.Thank You Shelley for the link! Here is a link to the US Government’s
comment page for the TPP.!submitComment;D=USTR_FRDOC_0001-0366—————–

What’s wrong with the TPP:


The UA Local 290 Plumbers and Steamfitters invite you to an open public forum concerning the TransPacific Partnership and how it relates to the citizens of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

There will be presentations by speakers and an opportunity for all who would like to be heard.
WHERE: LOCAL 290 MEETING HALL, 2861 Pierce Parkway, Springfield
Refreshments will be served.
****Also it is important to call Senator Wyden and let him know we did not forget his Fast Track vote and we won’t forget what he votes on the TPP. I am going to keep calling until he gets the message and I am very excited to go to this Forum! Lets Rock Wyden’s World! Senator Wyden 202-224-5244 (in DC)

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