This Will Not Be John’s Last Stand

Mixed conifer forest in Hardesty Roadless Area
Alright ya’ll, its time to get amped about an atrocious timber sale called John’s Last Stand, yet another example of poor forest management practice by the Eugene District, Bureau of Land Management. Only an hour’s drive from Eugene, John’s Last Stand, is one of our closest remaining old-growth stands. The BLM is trying to take a 47-acre gouge out of the Hardesty Roadless Area, one of the last tracts of intact roadless forests in the area. This threatened habitat is used by numerous native species, and the BLM refuses to acknowledge the real value of living trees. This sale would impact anyone living in by the Lost Creek Watershed, including Lost Valley Permaculture Center, whose water source is already heavily damaged by timber industry.¬† John’s Last Stand is only a stones throw from Mt. June. A clearcut would have significant impact on die-hard recreationalists, including mountain bikers, and other Eugene-area outdoor enthusiasts.

CFD restoring trail to John's Last Stand
CFD restores trail to John’s Last Stand
The Cascadia Forest Defenders trail restoration team recently went for a hike and fell in love with the snow covered hemlock and fir in and around the sale. We’ll be hosting public hikes and maintaining access to the area to show the BLM we’re not letting them have their way with this forest.

What can I do?
We’re ready for direct action if it comes down to the line. But for now we’re “playing nice” and counting on enough public outcry to stop the sale.

1) Writing letters to the Eugene Weekly and the Register Guard.
The most effective way to win a campaign is to show that the public is not apathetic.
2) Donate online to support the organizations involved in stopping this clear cut. Cascadia Forest Defenders, Cascadia Wild, and Oregon Wild.
3) Join us for a public hike to enjoy this beautiful wild! Details below.

A public hike is planned for Saturday, January 30. Meet Dandy outside the Grower’s Market (454 Willamette) at 8:30am to find a carpool. If you live in the Dexter, Lowell or Oakridge area, meet us at Dexter Lake Club at 9am. Please RSVP to forestdefensenow@gmail.comno later than January 28th, so we can anticipate how many folks are coming.

Note: this is a relatively strenuous hike! Be prepared with non-cotton layers and plenty of food and water for yourself. Wear good warm boots with gators to keep out the snow. SNOW SHOES ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! But be prepared to carry your snowshoes for the first half of the hike. After the hike, join us at Brewer’s Union in Oakridge to enjoy live music, delicious food, and a drink with locals.

Driving Directions:

To John’s Last Stand:
From Pleasant Hill proceed southeast on Highway 58 for 4.5 miles to junction of Rattlesnake Road. Proceed south on South Rattlesnake Road for 4.5 miles to the junction of Lost Creek Road. Continue forward and proceed south on Lost Creek Road for 1.9 miles to junction of Eagles Rest Road. Turn left and keep right. Proceed on Eagles Rest Road for 2 miles. Continue on the pavement by following the fork to the left. This is NF-509 (BLM Road 19-1-33-1). Proceed for 6 miles until a fork. Go left and continue on NF-511 (BLM Road 20-1-14). In 0.7 mile, you see a parking lot on your right. Park and walk up the road another 100 feet to the unmarked trailhead on your left, currently marked by green flagging.

The trail is approximately 4 miles of hiking that rises 1,000 feet to the ridge. Ancient forest begins about a mile in on the first ridge. As of January 23, the snow begins about 2.5-3 miles up the trail, just before the side trail up to Sawtooth Rock. SNOWSHOES become very handy at this point. At the top of the last ridge (4 miles in) is a trail sign, toward Mt. June (1/2 mile). The sale is located on the right side of the ridge just before reaching the Mt. June trail, on the east face of the summit.

As of January 23, you can drive up another two miles until you start to get snow on the road. DO NOT DRIVE FURTHER OR YOUR CAR MAY GET STUCK IN THE SNOW. Remember, whenever you go into a wilderness area like Hardesty, bring a compass, a good map and a good friend!

Here’s a link to the prospectus of the proposed sale

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