The BLM’s Dangerous Resource Management Plan Revisions

The Resource Management Plan for Western Oregon is up for revisions. The Bureau of Land Management is proposing a new forest plan that could dramatically change the way our public lands are managed over the next decade and increase our region’s contribution to climate change with devastating effect of the wildlife and waterways. The worst part is they intend to slash the public process around survey and manage mandates which will limit the legal teeth we have in defending our forests.

We are drafting our own comment letter as we continue gathering information, but wanted to give you plenty of time to write your own letter.  Here is a press release with a link to the plan revisions as information on how to comment. This is really, really important! Comments are due by May 15. Those of you who are interested in writing a letter but looking for more inspiration, can read Ernie Niemi’s letter to the BLM discussing the impact on climate change and socioeconomic factors in our region.


If you want to take the easy road on this one, we’ll post a template letter soon you can sign.

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