BLM proposed timber sale Mushroom hike 11/19


Come visit an awesome, endangered part of the forest with us! This timber sale is part of the new BLM management plan and is up for slaughter soon. Knowledgable mushroom guides will walk you through the fungi of the forest. Meet for a carpool at the Lane County Fairgrounds E. Parking lot at 13th & Madison, 10 am Saturday 11/19. Bring lunch, water, Mushroom basket/bag, a pocket knife, & raingear.


We’re potentially headed to the “McKenzie View” project area, out Hwy 126, take a right, over the white covered bridge onto Goodpasture Rd, then a right onto Marten Ridge Rd (if Goodpasture turns to gravel you’re gone too far). About an hour’s drive, all paved, no gravel. The proposed cutting is adjacent to Marten Ridge Rd (marked 16-2E-36.2 on map)- mostly on your right. The ‘Rough Draw’ piece is separate, north of the river.


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