State Land Board Meeting -Feb. 14th

The State Land Board can either stop the sale of the Elliott or sell it this Tuesday!


The Department of State Lands (DSL) released the agenda for the State Land Board meeting on February 14th in Salem. In it the DSL has requested to proceed with the direct sale of the Elliott State Forest.

The Department will initiate negotiations in good faith with the plan proposers towards a binding Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA), and an eventual transfer of ownership of the Elliott Property to the Elliott Forest LLC, unless and to the extent the Board directs the Department otherwise.”

In other words, unless the State Land Board tells the Department of State Lands to not sell the Elliott, it will be officially sold.

The newly elected State Land Board members need to hear from us before they make a decision on Tuesday. Secretary of State Dennis Richardson and State Treasurer Tobias Read are the new members, and this will be their first State Land Board meeting.

What the State Land Board needs to know from us:

  • The Elliott needs to remain in public ownership.
  • The DSL is disregarding the Land Board decision in December to look into other options.
  • We still have time to create a new plan for the future of the forest.
  • The common school fund needs to be decoupled from the revenue of the Elliott, but not at the cost of loosing our public lands.


Who to call and write to:


Next Steps

Please join us at the State Land Board Meeting on Tuesday!  Wear green to show your support for the Elliott. The meeting is from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at the Oregon Department of State Lands Land Board Room 775, Summer St NE, Salem.

This could turn into the State Land Board meeting where the Elliott is finally sold. Please have conversations with your friends and other organizers to make sure that the Elliott is not sold quietly. Basically the shit should hit the fan if this happens! Who wants to bring the bag of shit?!?

Please get creative in the ways we as a community are reacting to this proposal. Don’t let the Land Board think that they can get away with doing nothing. Because if they do nothing, the Elliott will be sold.

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